Why Choose our Law Firm in Germany?

Why Choose our Law Firm in Germany?

Updated on Thursday 15th December 2016

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Why-Choose-our-Law-Firm-in-Germany.pngLegal services are available for various categories of parties who need legal representation on a legal matter, which can relate to the commercial legislation or civil law. Our German law firm can provide legal advice to both natural persons and legal entities, local or foreign. Foreign persons are advised to request the assistance of a lawyer in Germany prior to signing any official document. This is also applicable in the case of those who want to register a company in Germany, as the procedure is comprised of numerous legal requirements. 


Legal advice for company formation in Germany  

The registration of a company in Germany starts by choosing a legal entity from the ones prescribed by the commercial legislation applicable here. When doing so, the investors should choose the most suitable legal entity that meets the current financial situation of the investors, as well as their business plans. 
Further on, the company must be registered with relevant authorities for social security and taxation purposes and it is also required to register for Value Added Tax (VAT). The VAT rate can differ in accordance with the operations carried out by the company. Our German law firm can offer legal assistance on the VAT rates applicable in Germany


Liquidate a company in Germany  

Businessmen can shut down a company due to a difficult financial situation which will not allow the company to carry its business activities. At the same time, the company can be closed down because the investor is no longer interested in activating in the business environment or in the respective business sector. Regardless of the reason, the liquidation of a company in Germany must be performed as prescribed by the applicable legislation. 


Business forms in Germany  

Foreign investors can benefit from numerous business opportunities on the German market, which is a pillar economy of the European Union.
Investors can choose from the legal entities available for commercial companies that can address the needs of small investment projects, as well as of large corporations
At the same time, businessmen can register various types of investment funds, created for both professional investors, as well as retail investors
Please contact our law firm in Germany for more details related to the legal services available here.