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Virtual Office in Germany

Virtual Office in Germany

Updated on Thursday 06th October 2016

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Virtual-Office-in-GermanyWhy open a virtual office in Germany?

Foreign investors needing a contact point or representation in Germany will usually set up a virtual office because it is less time consuming and expensive. Our lawyers in Germany offer business consulting services for foreign businessmen and are also prepared to open virtual offices and provide all required services within.

For detailed information and prices for establishing a virtual office in important cities you can contact our German law firm. At our clients’ requests we will also collect their bank statements and send them to the specified address.

Communication services in your virtual office in Germany

Our German lawyers will equip our clients’ virtual office with the latest communication services available according to their needs. From simple local phone numbers to voicemail, call redirection and fax services, foreign enterprisers can select the appropriate type of communication service in his or her German virtual office. In order to provide full legal services, we will collect all messages and redirect them at the clients’ provided address. The voice services available in our clients’ virtual office allow the conversion of voice messages into e-mails for a better communication.

Space services for virtual offices in Germany

Our law firm in Germany can set up virtual offices with space services in Berlin or Frankfurt. For foreign investors not wanting to register a company in Germany, the virtual office is the best form of keeping in contact with clients and business partners. This is why our German attorneys will set up virtual offices within some of the most prestigious business centers of Berlin or Frankfurt. Clients can use the address of their virtual office as a registered address for receiving their correspondence. Our lawyers in Germany will also provide meeting or conference rooms whenever clients require it. Among the services provided in a German virtual office, clients will enjoy a modern and fast internet connection with hi-tech communication equipment with conference and video calling options.

Our law firm in Germany provides a wide range of personalized services. You can contact us if you want to open a virtual office or if you want to register a company in Germany.



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