Tenant Eviction in Germany

Tenant Eviction in Germany

Updated on Tuesday 05th December 2017

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Tenant eviction in Germany is an action which owners have to take when tenancy agreements are infringed. Since the non-payment of the rent often raises problems to the parties involved in a tenancy contract, the German government has adopted special provisions, regulating the rights and the obligations of owners and tenants. Our law firm in Germany can offer assistance in the elaboration of tenancy contracts and they can help you defend your position in case such a contract has been violated by the other party.  

The German legal provisions regarding the eviction of tenants

The two main codes which regulate aspects concerning tenancy eviction are the Property Law and the Tenancy Law in this country. According to their provisions, tenant eviction in Germany is allowed in case the tenant has breached the clauses of the tenancy contract
The law stipulates as well, that other significant reasons can work as grounds for giving a termination notice to a tenant. For example, if the landlord, or a close relative, need to move in the property, the owner can request the tenant to move away. However, the time interval between the notice and the eviction can vary a lot, from 3 to 9 months, depending on the length of the rental relationship and on the urgency of the situation. 
Our German lawyers can explain to you what provisions of the Tenancy Law can apply in your case and how you can rely on the German legislation for tenant eviction in this country.

The eviction process in Germany

In a tenant eviction process, the most important step is to check again the provisions of the tenancy contract and to identify which clauses have been breached. This provides to landlords the most powerful ground for starting an eviction process. After you identified your legitimate reason it is important to inform the tenant on the imminent eviction.
The eviction period is usually stipulated in the contract and you need to respect the clauses included in the tenancy agreement. Both parties have also the option to enter a termination agreement, which may speed up the eviction process. In case the tenant does not leave the property you may bring the situation in court.
Feel free to contact our attorneys in Germany in order to help you sort out a tenant eviction process in this country.