Start a Travel Agency in Germany

Start a Travel Agency in Germany

Updated on Thursday 20th July 2017

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Start a Travel Agency in Germany

Regardless whether you intend to focus on a niche market or on mainstream destinations, your travel agency in Germany has great chances to be a success. German people approach with equal attention the labor program as well as the vacation time, so a tourism business settled in Germany will probably be very quickly addressed by the local population.

Our law firm in Germany can provide you all information concerning the legal framework in this country so that you can register and start your business by complying with the German legal provisions.

Main aspects concerning the formation of a travel agency in Germany  

One of the first things to be decided by an investor in Germany interested in the tourism sector is whether to establish an independent company or to purchase a franchise and build an enterprise exploring the advantages of an already successful brand. The start-up costs might be higher than if you become a travel consultant, case in which you don’t need to make an initial investment for equipment and software and moreover you receive commissions when collaborating with another travel agency.
Another important aspect to deal with when opening a company in Germany in the tourism sector is to settle the service offer you intend to provide to your clients. You might be able to arrange transportation, accommodation reservations but you can also decide to specialize on providing exclusive packages such as eco tours or senior travel.
Our attorneys in Germany can explain to you the formalities for establishing a travel agency in this country and can inform you on the registration costs.

How to register a travel agency in Germany?

The company formation process for a travel agency in Germany starts with a name reservation. Foreign investors in this country must think of an appropriate solution in order to be able to reach their clients through a name easy to remember and meaningful for the German space.
Secondly, a key aspect is to decide what company form is suitable to your travel enterprise in order to register it with the authorities. You can choose the most popular business form in the country which is the limited liability company (GmbH), requiring an initial investment of 25.000 euros. Before the registration only half of the amount needs to be deposited in the corporate bank account. Our Germany lawyers can tell you more information about other business structures and can help you decide which one of them is more appropriate for your business objectives.
Don’t hesitate to contact our law firm in Germany in order to ask for reliable help in the formation procedure of your travel agency in this country.