Start a Bar in Germany

Start a Bar in Germany

Updated on Saturday 21st August 2021

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Germany is a highly urbanized country which offers a welcoming climate to the development of bars, restaurants and nightlife events. Many investors find in Germany the perfect place to open such a business thanks to the high number of tourists that visit this country annually. The long tradition in the drinking industry and the festivals dedicated to the beer production make of Germany a place where investors can easily and successfully run a bar business. If you decide to open a business in Germany, we can assist you.

Our law firm in Germany can provide complete and actualized information on the German legislation concerning company formation in this country. 

The first step in opening a bar in Germany

If you want to open a bar in Germany you must organize your steps carefully. Firstly you must inform yourself on the local legal system in order to comply with those provisions which refer to the business registration and the obtaining of specific licenses. We are at your disopsal if you want to open a business in Germany.
The German law provides that bars need to obtain a Liquor license (Gaststättenkonzession) in order to be able to sell alcoholic drinks and serve them within their premises. According to the Protection of Young Persons Act (Jugendschutzgesetz) the employees of the bar are not allowed to sell alcoholic drinks to minors. The fines for the violation of this law are quite big, from 500 to 4000 euro. A bar owner needs to check as well the legislation concerning the closing hours and the rules that each town or city has regarding the selling of liquor after a certain hour in the night.  
Don’t hesitate to ask more questions to our attorneys in Germany in order to obtain more details on the liquor legislation in Germany. This is a vital step to make in order for your bar business in this country to function without problems. 
Do not hesiate and open a business in Germany with guidance from our lawyers right now!

Important aspects about starting a bar in Germany

According to the Company Law in this country the formation of an enterprise requires the elaboration of a file containing several documents about the company and its owner/ owners. Our German lawyers can help you elaborate the articles of association and they can help you choose the right type of business structure for your bar in Germany.
If you want to invest in Germany in a bar, you need to give a lot of attention to the competition. You must employ good design services in order to provide to your customers a personalized experience. It is advisable to inform yourself on the local liquor products in order to satisfy the expectations of the German consumers. Another key issue is to carefully comply with the employment legislation in this country and to respect the local norms concerning holidays and salaries.   
Please don’t hesitate to contact our German lawyers who can help you register your bar with the local authorities offering at the same time complete guidance with the local legislation.  We are at your service no matter when you decide to open a business in Germany.