Sports Law in Germany

Sports Law in Germany

Updated on Wednesday 03rd February 2016

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Sports-Law-in-GermanyLegislation on sports activities in Germany

Germany does not have a specific federal legislation related to sport activities, however the Constitution and the Civil Law stipulate that German citizens have the right to participate in sports competitions. At local level, each state has developed its own sports regulations which encourage people to participate in national and international competitions. At federal level, the Ministry of Interior is in charge with sponsoring and promoting sport. The German sport policy relies on the following principles:

  • -          autonomy;
  • -          funding of sport activities;
  • -          cooperation with sport organizations.

Not long ago, the Government enabled the Anti-Doping Law. Our German lawyers can provide you with information about the anti-doping legislation.

Funding sport activities in Germany

One of the most important aspects of sports is funding which is present at both federal and state level in Germany. The Ministry of Interior has set up several regulations with respect to funding sport activities. The money received by associations or companies involved in these kind of activities receive funding from the State budget through subsidies or through lottery revenue. Public funding can be obtained only if:

  • -          the project cannot be supported by other means;
  • -          the organization receiving the funds can be trusted;
  • -          the funds will not be diverted to other projects;
  • -          the recipient is financially solvent;
  • -          the funds are guaranteed.

The Government will verify that the funds are properly used.

The Fiscal Code provides for tax exemptions for non-profit sport organizations.

Sport authorities in Germany

Germany has over 84 recognized sport federations. The most important ones are the German Sport Confederation (Deutscher Sportbund, DSB) and the German Olympic Committee. The DSB gathers all federal and state sport organizations. Many companies involved in education and science activities related to sport are also member of the DSB. Sport organizations in Germany are governed by the Civil Code. Germany is also an active participant in international sport competitions and a promoter of international sport policies.

If you want to set up a sport organization and need assistance, do not hesitate to contact our German law firm.