Set Up a Shop in Germany

Set Up a Shop in Germany

Updated on Monday 08th January 2018

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Germany has a varied market full of opportunities for those who intend to open a shop in this country. With big urban centers and an intense touristic life, this country became a destination for many foreign investors who decided to set up a shop in Germany. Depending on the products you want to sale, you might need a special authorization from the German state. Our law firm in Germany offers to interested entrepreneurs complete assistance in legal matters connected to the formation of a shop in Germany.

Location of a German shop 

There are many aspects to consider when opening a shop in Germany. Our German lawyers recommend to investors to carefully consider the location issue before signing any rental contract or purchase sale agreement for a property. Only after they are sure it is an advantageous move, through a due diligence service, an investor can confidently decide for a place in which to open his German shop.  
Whether you intend your shop to be included in a larger commercial complex or to locate your business in a separated building depends on each investor’s strategy. You need to consider what surface you need and as well what dotation such as furniture or special equipment.  
Our attorneys in Germany can help you with a wide variety of legal services such as due diligence services and contractual assistance, in view of the set up of a shop in Germany.

Signing a lease contract in Germany   

In order to ensure enough visibility to your shop in Germany you might need to rent a spot in the most crowded commercial centers of the German cities. This action implies as well the signing of a document called lease agreement between you and the owner of the space. The value of a property which is let for rental or sale depends in great deal on its location as well as on its facilities: transportation connections, the efficiency and novelty of the plumbing, the parking lots etc.
The prices can vary a lot for a property however an investor can always find good opportunities especially if you intend to set up your shop in Germany in an alternative space, and if your target is mainly the population under 30. 
As any other type of company the shop in Germany will need to be registered with the authorities. You will have to provide the rental contract along the application. Feel free to contact our law firm in Germany who can help you elaborate the registration documentation much faster and set up hassle-free your shop in Germany.