Set Up a Rental and Leasing Company in Germany

Set Up a Rental and Leasing Company in Germany

Updated on Friday 14th April 2023

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Set-Up-a-Rental-and-Leasing-Company-in-Germany.jpgThe commercial and residential property markets in Berlin, Frankfurt, and other cities are developed ones and real estate advisory services are often sought by those who wish to find a suitable property. 
Entrepreneurs can set up a rental and leasing company with the help of our German lawyers and offer different real estate packages that will also include rental and leasing services.

Steps for opening a rental/leasing company in Germany

In order to open a rental and leasing company in Germany, investors will need to:
  • Determine the types of services: many property management company and real estate specialists in Germany will offer rental, leasing and property purchase services but they can also include others, such as property valuations. 
  • Open a company: the GmbH is in most cases the suitable type of legal entity for this type of business and our attorneys in Germany can assist during the registration process.
  • Hire real estate experts: forming a team of real estate experts is important for business owners who wish to deliver quality services to corporate and individual clients.
  • Advertise: the real estate rental and leasing company can benefit from pre and post-launch advertising.
Property management companies can also offer services related to renting and leasing, such as tenant management and general renting packages that also include property management and maintenance.

Set up a company in Germany

The steps needed to open a company in Germany are the same ones to follow when opening a rental and leasing company and start with selecting the business form, choosing a unique name and opening a bank account. Investors will need to have a start-up capital for the new business.
One of our lawyers in Germany can give you additional information about the corporate management principles, the taxation laws and the annual accounting and reporting for businesses. A rental and leasing company in Germany will be subject to the corporate income tax as well as other taxes.
Your company will need to follow the steps for German VAT registration, as this is mandatory for most resident companies. For assistance during this registration, you can reach out to our team at any time during the incorporation process. We will also give you details about the applicable VAT scheme for small businesses, through which a VAT exemption is accessible in some cases.
Contact our law firm in Germany for complete assistance and legal advice when opening a company.