Resolve Employment Disputes in Germany

Resolve Employment Disputes in Germany

Updated on Tuesday 26th April 2016

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Resolve-Employment-Disputes-in-Germany.jpgBusinessmen or employees who are involved in an employment dispute in Germany should know they have several legal methods to which they can appeal in order to resolve such a situation. The legislation on this matter prescribes specific types of employment litigation, which can be resolved outside the German courts; if these methods fail, the parties involved can address to a court that can enforce a certain decision on the case. Our team of German lawyers can provide legal assistance for a wide range of work disputes, available for both the employers and the employees.

 Alternative dispute resolution in Germany 

According to the local legislation, employment disputes can be solved through alternative dispute resolution, which refers mainly to the mediation method. Employment conflicts can be initially addressed through this method, in accordance with the Employee’s Representation Act; the German companies operate under a board which has an in-house conciliation procedure that requires an equal number of individuals, who represent the parties involved in the case. 
It is important to know that disputes which arise between employers and persons enrolled in apprenticeships and traineeships are solved under the rules and regulations of the Labor Courts Act; our lawyers in Germany can provide more details on the stipulations of the law.  

Labor courts in Germany 

As a general rule, employment disputes in Germany are solved through the assistance of labor courts, as they are efficient tools in this matter. An important particularity of the German law is that arbitration is not permitted in this case; the only applicable situation is related to collective issues concerning employment
Although the local system allows mediation, such a procedure is rarely used, due to the fact that the German Labor Law is very efficient, in the sense that a case can be solved in period between 4 and 9 months. 
If you need further information on the employment disputes legislation applicable in Germany, please address to our team of attorneys, who can offer legal representation on this matter.