Resolve Contractual Disputes in Germany

Resolve Contractual Disputes in Germany

Updated on Friday 22nd July 2016

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Resolve-Contractual-Disputes-in-Germany.jpgPersons who want to sign contracts with other parties should be very careful when drafting such agreements. Contractual disputes can arise when important stipulations are omitted from the documents or when one or both of the parties fail to accomplish their contractual obligations. Our team of German attorneys can offer assistance to businessmen who want to enter into a commercial agreement and they can also provide legal assistance for the resolution of the contractual disputes in Germany


Dispute resolution methods in Germany 

Those who are involved in a contractual dispute in Germany have several legal options to resolve the conflict. The German legislation has incorporated in its provisions the directive of the European Union (EU), as the country is a member state of the entity.  
As a general rule, contractual disputes are resolved through litigation, which will require the legal representation of a German lawyer. Other ways in which such conflicts can be resolved refer to out of court methods, which are usually represented by mediation. However, it is important to know that the Germans prefer to address to a local court, because the legal system applicable here is very efficient; our team of German lawyers can offer more details on the court system available in Germany


Resolve contractual disputes through litigation 

Most of the commercial conflicts arising in Germany are resolved through litigation, following the rules of law imposed by the Civil Law. Cases are addressed at the German courts in accordance with the value of the claims. 
Local Courts in Germany deal with disputes with a claim below EUR 5,000, while the Regional Courts deal with claims above EUR 5,000. Commercial disputes can be addressed at the commercial division of the Regional Courts
Most of the legal cases can brought to the court in a period of three years, but this period can depend on the particularity of the case, and it can increase up to thirty years. 
Businessmen interested in resolving a contractual dispute in Germany can address to our German law firm for legal representation.