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Relocation in Germany

Relocation in Germany

Updated on Monday 14th September 2015

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Relocation-in-GermanyRegistration procedures in when relocating to Germany

Citizens of EU and EEA (European Economic Area) countries have the right to relocate to Germany and work here without work permits. However, citizens of some EU countries must apply for a work permit in order to gain employment within a German company. When moving to Germany, foreign citizens from countries where restrictions apply must first request a German employment permit with the local employment agency or with the International Placement Services. Also, foreign citizens may take up employment in Germany only if some requirements are met and if a residence permit is obtained before coming to the country. For complete details about obtaining residence and work permits you can request the advice of our lawyers in Germany.

Relocating goods to Germany

When relocating to Germany, individuals may take some or all of their belongings with them. The first step to take will be to make sure the following documents are in place:

  • - an inventory of the household good in German and in English that must be dated and signed,
  • - a declaration that the goods belong to the owner,
  • - a declaration that the goods are not subject to any restrictions,
  • - a declaration no high value goods are transported.

High value goods will usually be listed separately and taxed. Foreign citizens must also submit identification documents such as valid passport and copy after the German residence or work permit. A certificate of registration obtained from a German police station must also be added. Also, when moving to the country it is very important to have a German property title or lease contract and a certificate of registration must be requested from the local registration office. Customs will also require a power of attorney for the agent that will keep in touch with the authorities in Germany on behalf of the foreign citizen. Additionally, a health certificate and insurance may be required.

What are the available relocation services in Germany?

It is always easier to know more about the country one is about to move to, which is why our German lawyers will provide all information about the culture, business environment and legislation. We can also help you with:

  • - obtaining a German residence and work permit,
  • - real estate due diligence procedures if purchasing real estate in Germany,
  • - changing the driver’s license,
  • - providing tax planning and wealth management solutions.

You can also contact our German law firm for details about investment opportunities and incentives.



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