Open an E-Commerce Company in Germany

Open an E-Commerce Company in Germany

Updated on Friday 14th April 2023

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Thanks to its powerful economy, Germany hosts one of the most diverse business markets and it is one of the European countries where e-commerce companies have great success. This option is very attractive for investors thanks to the advantageous tax conditions from which it benefits. If you plan to open an e-commerce company in Germany you can rely on the help provided by our team of German lawyers who offer complete company formation services.

Advantages in opening an e-commerce business in Germany

The accessibility of the e-commerce business is one of the main reasons for which foreign investors as well as local ones choose this option for entering the German market. The initial investments are much lower since you won’t necessary need to rent a space for you offices.
Another attractive aspect at e-commerce businesses in Germany is the fact that in this country you will find a public which is used to utilizing the internet for purchasing goods and services. The e-commerce companies are very frequent in Germany and it is likely that you will reach your public very quickly especially if you employ as well additional means of advertising, thus making known your products and your concept.
If the steps of opening an e-commerce business in Germany are not very clear to you, our law firm in Germany can help you by providing detailed explanations on the legal framework in this country and on the formation procedure of a company.

What to do for a successful e-commerce business in Germany?

Since Germany is a highly technologized state, most of the public have free access to multiple electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets. What you need to do in order to ensure a successful e-commerce business in this country is to develop a clear and attractive website, which is responsive to each type of electronic device, and which can be easily accessed by anyone.
Another key aspect for a functional online business is to make sure that your payment platform is secure and fast enough in order to provide a safe and hassle free user experience. You need to invest in this point in order to sustain the trust of your clients and to maintain your public loyal to your products.   
Your e-commerce company can qualify for a special VAT exemption scheme under which small businesses that have a turnover of less than 22,000 euros in the previous tax year and less than 50,000 euros in the current tax year can be exempt from the value-added tax imposed by the authorities. For more information on this exemption, and the general German VAT registration process, please reach out to us.
Don’t hesitate to contact our attorneys in Germany in order to set up an e-commerce business in compliance with all the legal requirements in this country.