Open an Advertising and Marketing Company in Germany

Open an Advertising and Marketing Company in Germany

Updated on Friday 14th April 2023

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Open-an-Advertising-and-Marketing-Company-in-Germany.jpgInvestors who open an advertising and marketing company in Germany provide services to corporations in various business fields, irrespective of their size. They offer strategic solutions for growth and product placement as well as for raising public awareness and, as needed, for resolving communication challenges. Most of these companies in Germany will offer a number of services that include marketing (and online marketing), advertising, branding, digital strategy formation implementation, and others.
Our team lawyers in Germany who specialize in company formation can provide complete assistance to investors who wish to open an advertising and marketing company in Berlin or in another city. When investors work with our specialists, they benefit from a complete package related to legal compliance matters that includes pre and post-incorporation service. 

Types of services offered by advertising and marketing companies in Germany

An advertising and marketing company provides personalized marketing, advertising and communication solutions. While for a company based in Berlin, the majority of clients will be other German companies, these businesses can also expand their services to clients outside of the country. 
Some examples of the types of services offered by these companies include the following:
  • Branding and positioning: brand architecture, brand extensions, and corporate identity design and brand extensions.
  • Advertising: targeted advertising according to traditional or digital channels, website, video, television or radio advertising. 
  • Digital strategy: analyzing target groups, trend evaluation and the implementation of a digital strategy that will suit the needs of the company.
  • Marketing: market research and evaluation, quantitative and qualitative evaluations, segmentation, operational marketing, and others.
  • Design: services related to cross-platform concepts, website design, UX design, UX testing, and others.
Entrepreneurs who open a German company in the field of advertising and marketing can combine a number of these services. Those who wish to know more about the laws that are relevant in this business field can reach out to the experts at our law firm in Germany.
Investors should interpret this list not as an exhaustive one gut as a general guideline to the types of services offered by these businesses. The approach and the methodology used by the company will shape the types of services provides and so will the number of employees and their specializations. Companies can also choose to specialize in selected business fields and provide marketing and branding services for companies only in some business sectors, for example for pharmaceutical companies.
When they decide to open a company in Germany, investors should draw up a business plan that will include the services offered by the agency. The team chosen by the company will also have an impact on the evolution of the business. Company owners can choose to hire local specialists as well as hire foreign employees who are able to fill in a certain position. Our lawyers in Germany can provide details about the estimated startup costs in Berlin and other cities.

How to open an advertising and marketing company in Germany

Opening a company in Germany is a relatively simple process and investors can start a business in approximately 8 days when all the documents are in order. Below, our attorneys in Germany present the main steps required to open a marketing and advertising company:
  1. choose the company type: investors can choose between several business forms, however, the GmbH is often preferred in this business field.
  2. choose the company name: this can be important for branding and positioning purposes and it needs to be unique; once chosen, it can be reserved.
  3. draft the company documents: investors can now start to draw up the Articles of Association; one of lawyers in Germany can assist.
  4. notary appointment: the founders will gather in front of a notary to sign the incorporation documents and make any other official statements.
  5. register the business: once the documents are in order, the founders can submit them for registration with the Chamber of Commerce. 
One of our lawyers can provide more details about each of these steps, but also on how to open a bank account in Germany.
Your marketing company is subject to several mandatory requirements, among which we can also mention VAT registration in Germany. Investors who wish to know how to perform this step can reach out to our team. We will also give you details about the VAT scheme for small businesses, under which a qualifying company can be exempt from the VAT imposed by the authorities.
The following statistics are in place for company formation in Germany: 
  • in 2017, there were 3,481,860 enterprises in Germany. 
  • there were approximetaly 2.4 million small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • 61% of the total number of employed individuals worked in small and medium-sized companies.
  • during the first quarter of 2019, the number of new companies was 34,800 (an increase compared to the first quarter of 2018).
Contact our law firm in Germany for more details on how to open a company that offers advertising, marketing, branding or design services.
Our attorneys can also offer trademark registration services in Germany.