Open a Real Estate Business in Germany

Open a Real Estate Business in Germany

Updated on Friday 14th April 2023

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Open-a- eal-Estate-Business-in-Germany.jpgThe German real estate market is one of the most attractive in Europe because of its size, the country’s economic profile as well as the numerous opportunities for development in all real estate sectors.
Investors who open a real estate business in Germany can focus on buying or selling properties as well as brokerage services that cover several types of properties, from industrial to residential.
Our team of German lawyers can help you start a business that offers real estate services and can help you understand the various tax implications related to property purchases, as well as any applicable restrictions on foreign ownership.

German companies in real estate

The portfolio of a German real estate business can include office, residential and industrial properties. While some of these agencies choose to specialize in a single type of property, most will broaden their range of clients and provide tailored services to individuals and corporations alike.
Examples of real estate business services can include the following:
  • apartments and houses: properties presented to individuals who want to live or relocate to Germany, expats and residents alike.
  • land: solutions for those interested in land purchase in Germany, with specialty services for foreign investors; the legal aspects of foreign land ownership are discussed in these cases.
  • office space: some real estate agencies will choose to work solely with corporations and will provide office spaces to rent.
  • investment: consulting and assistance for investors in Germany interested in residential investment.
  • industry: solutions for companies that need to acquire warehouse or production facilities in Germany. 
These types of companies in Germany will offer tailored solutions, according to their client’s profile. Some companies will also offer separate, property valuation services. Hiring qualified staff is as important in the real estate business as in any other sector. Our team of lawyers in Germany can give you all the details on hiring employees.
If you want to create a bank account in Germany for your company, we are at your service.

Opening a real estate company in Germany

Company registration in Germany is a process that includes several steps. Investors need to choose the type of company and the company name as well as prepare the incorporation documents. Once the pre-registration phase is complete, the actual registration takes place with the Company Register.
Real estate companies are subject to VAT registration in Germany, however, as long as the company has a turnover that does not exceed EUR 22,000 in the previous calendar year (and it is not projected to exceed EUR 50,000 in the current calendar year) it can be subject to a small business scheme under which it will not be subject to this tax. Our team can provide you with details. 
The team at our law firm in Germany can give you all of the needed details for opening a real estate business in the country. Please contact us for answers to specific questions and complete legal assistance.