Open a Plumbing Business in Germany

Open a Plumbing Business in Germany

Updated on Friday 14th April 2023

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Open-a-Plumbing-Business-in-Germany.jpgPlumbing services in Germany are offered either as a standalone service by professionals who specialize in this line of repair work or as part of a broader range of services that also include other household repair services such as heating or air conditioning services. Investors who want to open a plumbing business in Germany can ask our team of attorneys for specialized incorporation aid as well as legal counseling, as needed.
Starting a business in Germany is a process that requires a few steps and our German lawyers can assist both local and foreign investors, especially when they are not German-speaking. Working with a team of professionals can help streamline the company formation process as our lawyers will draft the needed company documents as well as make part of the submissions in your name when needed and through a power of attorney, as instructed.

What should investors take into consideration when opening a plumbing company in Germany?

Plumbing services are needed both on a residential and a commercial level and include emergency repair work as well as repair and maintenance, replacement, cleaning and installation for drains and pipes. Issues with the plumbing installation in a home or a commercial space are some of the most troubling ones and clients will wish to get them fixed as soon as possible. Many companies in this field offer emergency services and have the necessary staff and equipment to handle cases in which the services need to be available non-stop. Some companies in this field can choose to work with subcontractors, meaning that they can provide all or some types of services via another company. For example, a plumbing business can have the employed staff to handle plumbing repair and maintenance but if the company wishes to expand and also offer heating and cooling services, it will hire a subcontractor. 
Having an experienced team is important for a plumbing business in order to be able to provide not only emergency services but also quality repair work for plumbing installations. When opening a plumbing business in Germany, investors can start providing services with relatively low start-up costs and expand their range of services as well as purchase additional equipment and hire more employees as the company grows.
Starting a plumbing business can be a good choice for entrepreneurs who need a small business idea and have a limited start-up budget. Having previous experience in this field can be a plus.
One of the main issues to consider when opening a plumbing company are the costs for equipment. The staff will need to have a constant supply of tools and parts, especially for those businesses that provide non-stop and emergency services. Moreover, the company will also need transport solutions and a fleet of cars (or only one company car in the beginning) is needed. To these equipment costs, the company owners will also need to add the costs for incorporating the business, notary and registration fees as well as the minimum share capital for the chosen business form. Entrepreneurs can find out more about these costs from one of our lawyers in Germany.
The plumbing business can operate entirely online with no mandatory need to set up a physical office in a German city. However, according to the incorporation requirements, the company will need to have a registered office for which the address will be included in the incorporation documents and which will be part of the public information available on the company.
VAT registration in Germany is a step followed by resident businesses (generally all the time) and non-resident companies (under a mandatory basis in this case). Plumbing company owners in need of assistance during registration, as well as those who require additional information in the rates, filing, and payment, can reach out to our team for additional information.

How can our Germany lawyers help you open a company?

Our team of company formation lawyers in Germany can provide complete services for the incorporation of a new business in the country. We can guide investors throughout all of the needed steps for proper registration with the German Company Register and the tax authorities. 
A plumbing company will commonly function as a private limited liability company or the widely-known GmbH. Part of the costs for opening this type of company will be the minimum share capital of 25,000 EUR out of which 12,500 must be paid up before the registration of the business. A variant of the GmbH is the mini-GmbH which has a share capital requirement of only one euro. One of our attorneys in Germany can give you complete details on both of these business forms.
Starting a company in Germany is largely a straightforward process, nevertheless, investors can request our aid for company registration purposes and for any other legal issues they may encounter while running a plumbing business such as commercial contractual disputes. Contact us for more information about how we can assist business owners.