Open a Business for Repair of Transport Equipment in Germany

Open a Business for Repair of Transport Equipment in Germany

Updated on Friday 14th April 2023

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Open-a-Business-for-Repair-of-Transport-Equipment-in-Germany.jpgGermany is one of the top exporters in the European Union and starting a business that is related to transport and logistics can be a lucrative business option. In order to set up a business for the repair of transport equipment in Germany, investors will need to follow the regular incorporation steps and prepare a business plan for the new company.
Transport equipment can refer to trucks, tractor-trailers, semi-trailer trucks as well as other vehicles that are used to carry freight. A company that provides repair work will offer services according to the type of vehicle and its adjacent equipment and can also provide additional services such as a shop from which the customers can acquire spare parts and others, as needed. 
Our team of German lawyers can assist investors who are interested in setting up a business for the repair of transport equipment. We can help entrepreneurs handle the incorporation phase as well as the subsequent licensing procedures when needed. By working with our team, local and foreign investors will make sure that their transport equipment repair company is in full compliance with the laws in force. 

Types of services offered by transport equipment repair companies

Drafting the business plan is an important step for those investors who set up a business for the repair of transport equipment in Germany. One of the aspects that can be taken into consideration include the types of services that will be offered, as the budget will need to be adjusted to these. Moreover, the size of the repair shop will need to be sufficient, as per the projected volume of received vehicles for repair. Some types of services can include:
  • repair: the actual repair of the equipment after an accident or as needed after deterioration;
  • maintenance: the combined activities related to maintaining the equipment in good order; can include regular checkups;
  • diagnostics: a category that allows for a complete report on the status of the equipment;
  • parts: purchasing necessary parts from the adjacent shop and providing fitting services, as needed.
These are just some of the services that can be provided by German companies that offer transport equipment repair services. These companies, unlike others that activate in different business fields, will not be subject to stringent licensing and control. Our lawyers in Germany are, however, capable of assisting investors who need to know more details about the governing laws, such as the transport law perhaps or, more frequently, the employment law in Germany. 

How to open a transport equipment repair company in Germany 

Opening a company is not a complicated process, however, the documents will need to be drafted in German and this is where the services provided by our law firm in Germany useful to foreign investors who do not speak the language. Our team can help investors throughout all of the incorporation phases and can also take on part of the submissions in the name of the founders via a power of attorney. 
The general steps for opening a transport equipment repair company are the following, as described by our attorneys in Germany
  1. Choose a company type: the GmbH, the mini GmbH, the partnership or the AG are all business forms that can be incorporated by local and foreign investors.
  2. Choose a company name: this needs to be a unique one, that does not copy or resemble to a large extent the name of an already registered company.
  3. Draft the documents: the corporations, GmbH and AG, will have their Articles of Association and Memorandum drafted with the help of our lawyers in Germany.
  4. Pay the capital: the GmbH and the AG, as well as the partnership limited by shares, have a minimum share capital that needs to be paid.
  5. Register: the new company is registered with the Company Register by submitting the registration form and the other company documents.
The German VAT registration process for your company can be detailed by our team, in addition to offering you details on the small business VAT exemption scheme. The latter is available to companies that do not have a large annual turnover, both in previous tax year and in the current tax year (according to the estimates). Our team can give you more details about registration, filing, and payment upon request.
The company formation experts at our German law firm can assist investors during all of these steps.
Germany is a country with a good infrastructure for transport and logistics and many companies in this business field have opened their regional headquarters here. The following data is available as per Germany’s foreign direct investment:
  • FDI recorded a 13.6 bn USD increase in April 2019;
  • in February 2019 the FDI value was 8.97 bn USD;
  • in December 2018, FDI had a value of 10,24 bn USD.
Investors who wish to know more about how to open a company for the repair of transport equipment can contact our law firm in Germany. We provide complete legal services for corporate matters as well as legal representation, as needed.