Legal Services in Frankfurt

Legal Services in Frankfurt

Updated on Friday 10th April 2020

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Legal-Services-in-FrankfurtWhy is invest in Frankfurt?

Germany provides countless investment opportunities for foreign investors. Among the most developed cities in Germany, Frankfurt is sought by many foreign businessmen. Frankfurt is one of Europe’s top centers of development in the pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnology industries. Another industry that could present interest for foreign and local enterprisers is the research and development sector. Frankfurt is also home to the Foreign Direct Investment International Arbitration Moot.

Legal services provided our lawyers in Frankfurt

Our law firm in Germany will provide legal services for all investors interested in opening a company in Frankfurt. From detailed information about the legislation on foreign investments to company incorporation, businessmen can rely on the expertise of our German lawyers. Among other legal services provided by our attorneys in Germany, clients will benefit from business consultancy, help in setting up branch or representative offices and for those wanting a simple presence in Frankfurt our lawyers will help them establish a virtual office. Our team can help investors open any type of company in Germany, from GmbHs to joint stock companies. Our legal team in Germany will also offer representation in lawsuits or debt recovery procedures.

For foreign investors intending to go into business partnerships with German companies in Frankfurt, our lawyers can complete the company due diligence process and offer valuable information about the investigated enterprise.

Accounting services in Frankfurt

Our legal team in Germany also relies on the accounting team that is ready to provide financial assistance to foreign businessmen investing in Frankfurt. From important information about the German taxation system, to available tax deductions and double taxation agreements clients can count on our accountants.

Other legal services in Frankfurt

Foreign citizens will also benefit from legal advice in Frankfurt. Whether they want to apply for residency or are looking for employment opportunities they can ask our German lawyers about the current legislation. For those looking to move to Frankfurt and are interested in buying a property our law firm in Germany will help them with the purchase process and property registration.

Our German law firm provides customized legal services based on our clients’ needs. You can contact us for detailed information about the legal services available in Frankfurt and other German cities.