Legal Services in Düsseldorf

Legal Services in Düsseldorf

Updated on Friday 21st April 2017

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Situated on the Rhine River, the city of Düsseldorf is one of the most important centres of telecommunications in Europe, attracting each year more and more investors in the information and technology sector. In this important urban centre, our law firm provides to the clients a wide variety of legal services. If you intend to open a company in Düsseldorf you can rely on a trustworthy team of lawyers in Germany who can help you become familiarised with the local legislation and taxation system.  

Initiation of a company in Düsseldorf

The Company Law in Germany establishes the procedure and the requirements for company formation. If you want to establish a business in Düsseldorf you can rely on the counselling of our attorneys in Germany who can help you with the registration procedure, name reservation and the choice of the legal structure for your company. There are several options for the organization of your business but one of the most popular choice for foreign investors is the limited liability company (GmbH).
Our team of lawyers can help you gather the required documentation and prepare the articles of association for your enterprise. Moreover they can assist you with the initiation of a bank account for your business in which you can deposit the initial investment capital. The next step is to file the application to the Trade Register Office, which represents the institution receiving and processing the documents.

Mergers and acquisitions

In case you decide to enter a merging operation with other companies in Düsseldorf or in any other German city, our attorneys in Germany can provide representation and work as intermediaries in the negotiations and signing of the agreements. 
You might rely on our law firm in Germany as well in the acquisition procedures. We provide due diligence services and legal counselling so that your decision should be as informed as possible.  

Arbitrations, mediations and corporate litigations in Düsseldorf

When your business crosses a problematic period, or if you enter in dispute with other business agents, you can call on our law firm. Our lawyers can help you solve quickly most of the misunderstandings, through arbitration or mediation procedures. Even if the situation is more complicated and the matter necessitates a litigation procedure, our attorneys in Germany offer representation in court so that your company would have the possibility to defend its rights. 

Tax advice and planning 

For those who conduct business activities in Düsseldorf an important aspect is the tax planning. Our local lawyers offer tax advice adapted to the particular requirements of your enterprise and they can explain to you several tax minimization strategies which can be applied for increasing your revenues in this country.

Licenses and permits

Another legal service provided by our law office in Düsseldorf is to inform you on the requirements regarding licenses and permits in Germany. Our lawyers can help you as well speed up the process of obtaining these documents from the authorities, allowing you to continue uninterrupted your business tasks. 

Conclusion of business activities

When you decide to close your business activity, the remaining issues can be treated with care by our lawyers in Germany.  They will handle the procedure according to the provisions of the local legislation. 
Don’t hesitate to contact our law firm in Germany in any situation in which your business can profit of one of the legal services offered in Düsseldorf by our attorneys.