Legal Services in Berlin

Legal Services in Berlin

Updated on Friday 10th April 2020

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Legal-Services-in-BerlinWhy is it important to request the legal services in Berlin?

Germany is one of the most developed countries in Europe encompassing many types of structures and legislation according to which companies must be incorporated. In order to comply with the strict regulation of the legislation foreign investors are advised to request the legal services of a law firm in Germany. Our German lawyers have developed a portfolio of legal services available throughout the most important cities of the country, including Berlin. The legal services offered our German attorneys are successfully completed by the services provided by the accountants they work with.

What legal services are available for clients in Berlin?

Our law firm in Germany provides a wide range of legal services in Berlin. The first and probably most important one is legal assistance for foreign investors that want to set up a company in Berlin. Our lawyers can help you establish any type of company, from GmbH in Germany to  joint stock companies. Foreign citizens wanting to apply for residency will also benefit from the services provided by our legal team. Our lawyers in Germany will provide clients the latest information about the legislation and investment opportunities and incentives for foreign enterprisers. Our German lawyers will help clients in selecting the right type of company by providing personalized legal services.

Our accounting staff will also help clients by explaining the taxation system and the benefits of the tax agreements Germany has. Our accountants provide customized tax optimization solutions for our clients in Berlin. We can also assist with the German VAT registration process for companies that are required to do so.

Legal services in civil matters in Berlin

Our German lawyers also provide legal assistance in civil matters. Among these, foreign citizens and investors can rely on our legal team if they want to set up a current or a corporate bank account for their companies in Berlin. For those interested in purchasing a property in Berlin, our lawyers in Germany can conduct due diligence process before the purchase and then register the property with the Land Register. For clients needing representation in civil lawsuits our lawyers are ready to provide all the legal assistance required.

You can contact our German law firm to find out all the legal services we provide in Berlin. Foreign investors may learn from our legal staff what the most developed industries in Germany are and they can also benefit from our help with the incorporation process for their businesses.