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Immigration to Germany

Immigration to Germany

Updated on Monday 14th September 2015

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Immigration-to-GermanyThe German Immigration Act

Germany has tried for several years to attract foreign professionals to come and work in the country but until 2005 it did not have the legal framework that would allow easier access for foreign individuals wanting to work here. In 2005 Germany enabled the new Immigration Act through which highly qualified foreign individuals may apply for permanent residence and permission to work in the country. Engineers, professors and scientists are most appreciated among the German workforce.

What are the requirements to immigrate to Germany according to the Immigration Act?

According to the Immigration Act, German permanent residency is based on a job offer and the Employment Agency’s approval to work in the country. Also, the new law is meant to reduce bureaucracy.

Another category benefiting from the Immigration Act are foreign students graduating German universities that may apply for a job, thus remaining in the country. Self-employed immigrants may also come to the country provided that they invest at least one million euros and create at least ten jobs in Germany.  Considering Germany is a Schengen member state, immigrants may travel to other Schengen states without any visa requirements. The new Immigration Act allows foreigners to obtain a residence permit that will grant them the right to work and not to apply for two separate residence and German work permit.

Permanent residence in Germany

 Immigrants must first obtain a residence and work permit with the German consulate in their home country before coming to Germany. Starting 2005 the following steps must be taken when immigrating to Germany:

  • - applying for a German residency that also allows foreigners to work in the country,
  • - the Embassy will then send the application to the German immigration office for approval,
  • - the immigration office and the local employment office will approve the application,
  • - the Embassy will issue a German entry visa to the candidate.

When arriving in Germany, the foreign national and members of his or her family must apply for the residence and work permit.

For complete details about the available types of residence and work permits please contact our lawyers in Germany.




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