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How to Open a Restaurant in Germany

How to Open a Restaurant in Germany

Updated on Monday 10th July 2017

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How to Open a Restaurant in Germany

Foreign investors who intend to open a restaurant in Germany can employ our law firm in Germany in order to speed up the business registration procedure with the local authorities. The procedure of setting up a food business in Germany requires as well the obtaining of specific licenses and authorizations in compliance with hygiene and food safety provisions.

Our lawyers can help you become accustomed to the German legislation concerning food processing and sale so that you can confidently operate your restaurant in this country. 

Legal framework concerning food safety in Germany

The food safety regulations in Germany are contained in the Lebensmittel-, Bedarfsgegenstände- und Futtermittelgesetzbuch (LFBG) which is the main act dealing with food and feed in this country. This act is based on and harmonized with the European regulations concerning the food production and commercialization through restaurants and other food business forms. A foreign investor who opens a restaurant in Germany needs to make sure that his/her enterprise respects the storage as well as the preparation norms stipulated in the LMHV in order to be able to legally operate in Germany. 
If you want to invest in Germany in the food sector, our German lawyers can help you obtain the necessary licences for the good functioning of a restaurant in Germany. 

Requirements for opening a restaurant in Germany

The opening of a restaurant in Germany must follow the company formation procedures stipulated in the Company Law in this country. You will need to choose a legal form in which to organize your enterprise and to apply as well for a license proving that the spot and equipment are adequate for hosting a food business. Your employees will need to obtain certifications called Frittenabitur, which can demonstrate their competence in this sector. 
Please feel free to contact our German law firm in order to find out more details concerning the company registration requirements in this country. Our consultants can help you prepare the documentation and file it with the authorities so that you can set up your restaurant in Germany as soon as possible. 


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