Forensic Accounting in Germany

Forensic Accounting in Germany

Updated on Thursday 15th December 2016

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Forensic-Accounting-in-Germany.jpgForensic accounting refers to an investigative procedure which is taken in the business environment to verify the validity of the company’s documents. The procedure is performed by a forensic accountant, which has in-depth studies in the field of accountancy and economy. The forensic accountant has also an extensive knowledge of the current applicable legislation in terms of taxation and document compliance with the local authorities. Investors may need to perform forensic accounting procedures on their company in various legal matters, such as litigation. Foreign businessmen can receive more details on this matter from our law firm in Germany

The responsibilities of a forensic accountant in Germany  

The forensic accountant in Germany has to analyse the company’s documents and to interpret the results in accordance with the provisions of the applicable law. Further on, he or she must be able to present the results to the management of the company and, if necessary, in front of a German court
The main responsibilities of a German forensic accountant are: 
investigate the available documents and financial evidence;
create electronic presentations which will be used to present the evidence in a clear manner;
write reports on the financial results;
participate as an expert witness in a court hearing
The forensic accountancy procedures in Germany can be useful not only to offer the real image of the financial situation of a company, but also to assist businessmen to recover their assets or to protect the company’s property and our German law firm can provide legal assistance in such matters. 
Investors who are involved in debt recovery in Germany may need to perform forensic accountancy and in this case it is advisable to request the help of German lawyers

Forensic accountancy in litigation cases presented by our German law firm

Forensic accountancy can be useful for litigation cases in Germany. In the situation in which a foreign investor is involved in this type of legal matter, the procedures carried out under forensic accountancy may help the respective business in refuting or sustaining a claim. 
Businessmen are invited to contact our lawyers in Germany for legal advice.