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EORI Registration in Germany

EORI Registration in Germany

Updated on Friday 16th October 2015

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EORI-Registration-in-GermanyRequirements for EORI number registration in Germany

EORI is the abbreviation of the Economic Operators Registration Identification system which was enabled in 2009 throughout the European Union. The Economic Operators Registration Identification system was enabled in order to help all EU countries’ customs authorities to have a common system in which they will recognize and keep track of all economic operators transiting their countries. All German companies and sole proprietors conducting business operations outside the country are required to apply for an EORI number. Moreover, foreign companies from outside the EU are allowed to obtain an EORI number in Germany if that is the first country they transit within the European Union.

What does the German EORI number look like?

In order to not overburden the European Union’s common taxation system and the national ones, the EORI number is similar to the German VAT number. All companies involved in trading relations, no matter if import or export operations, are required to apply for an EORI number with the German Customs authorities. German companies’ EORI numbers are also valid outside the EU. Our German lawyers can help you with the application for the EORI number.

How to obtain an EORI number in Germany

EORI numbers in Germany are issued based on a request filed with the Customs Information and Knowledge Management (Informations- und Wissensmanagement Zoll). Requesting an EORI number is Germany is not subject to any charges and can be obtained by filing form 0870. The application can be submitted by e-mail, by post or by fax with the German Customs authorities. The same form must be submitted by both foreign and German economic operators, whether companies or natural persons.

Documents to be submitted when applying for an EORI number in Germany

Additionally to the specific form, the following documents must be supplied when applying for EORI registration in Germany:

  • -          a valid identification document,
  • -          an extract from the German Companies Register or the national Trade Register of the foreign applicant, for companies,
  • -          a business registration number for sole traders.

If you need assistance in registering with the tax authorities you can contact our law firm in Germany.



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