Education Law in Germany

Education Law in Germany

Updated on Tuesday 07th June 2016

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Education-Law-in-Germany.pngThe education law in Germany provides the legal framework which refers to all types of education levels, from the compulsory education to tertiary level. The legislation prescribes the ways in which students should receive their general education, the rights of the teachers and pupils, the structure of the school year and many others. Our team of German lawyers provide an in-depth presentation on the structure referring to all education levels

Legislation applicable to the German education system 

The main legal framework which regulates the education system in Germany is the Basic Law and the main bodies which enforce various legal requirements are the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Cultural Affairs and Science. 
Their main attributions refer to the following: 
higher education;
arts and culture; 
preservation of monuments. 

The education system in Germany 

Those who are interested in the education system in Germany should know that the compulsory schooling begins at the age of 6. The local system differs between full-time education, which can last for 9 or 10 years. It is important to know that schools in Germany are organized according on the region. For example, primary school can last up to the age of 10 in some areas, while in Berlin, students end their primary studies at the age of 12. Lower secondary school can end at the age of 15 or 16; our team of German attorneys can offer more details referring to this structure. 
The part-time compulsory schooling is available for students with ages between 15/16 – 18, for those enrolled in schools organized as apprenticeships. 
Higher education system in Germany is organized under the following types of schools: 
technical, pedagogical and theological universities;
colleges with activities in the field of music and arts;
universities of applied sciences. 
The differences which appear between the German regions are an effect of the unification of Germany, which took place in 1990. 
Persons who need further information on the education law in Germany can address to our German law firm for assistance on this matter.