Business Consulting in Germany

Business Consulting in Germany

Updated on Monday 14th September 2015

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Business consultance services in Germany

Our lawyers in Germany provide various consultancy services for local and foreign investors looking for new business opportunities.  One of the main roles for providing business consultancy services is to allow investors to accommodate with the procedures for company incorporation in Germany. While our business consultants provide support in different legal domains, our accounting staff will provide assistance in accounting related matters.

Our law firm in Germany will provide business consultancy in all the following areas:

  •        labor law;
  • -        legal cosultancy;
  • -        taxation matters;
  • -        real estate.
  • -        banking law;
  • -        intellectual property;

 Legal consultancy in Germany

Our lawyers in Germany are also prepared to offer legal support in civil matters.  Employment litigations, divorces, debt recovery and commercial issues are just a few of the disputes usually settled in courtOur consultancy also relates to matters such as obtaining residence and work permits in GermanyClients can also ask questions about the provisions and the amendments of the Civil Code.

Corporate consulting services in Germany

Our business consultants provide assistance and details about the shareholding structure, management structure and share capital of the following types of German companies: limited liability companies, joint stock corporations or partnerships. Subsidiaries, branches and representative offices are also available for registration in Germany. Our German consultants will support clients through all the registration phases starting with the name approval and the submission of documents with the Trade Register.

Financial consulting services in Germany

Our accountants in Germany can provide you the required information about tax payments. German companies are required to register for taxation purposes and our accountants can help clients through the registration process. In order to know what taxes must be paid, our German consultants can offer clients all the relevant information about when and how the declaration must be submitted with the tax authorities. We can also offer details about double tax treaties and import and export regulations in Germany.

You can contact our German law firm for business customized business solutions. Our German lawyers can draft the Articles of Association for company incorporation and provide detailed information about the steps required to register a company.