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Start-ups and R&D in Germany to Benefit From INVEST 2.0 Programme

Written by: Bridgewest

Start-ups-and-R&D-in-Germany-to-Benefit-From-INVEST-2.0-Programme.jpgUnder the new extension of the INVEST 2.0 programme, the companies operating in Germany will benefit from new regulations which will help investors to develop their businesses in a faster manner. The INVEST 2.0 represents a capital fund addressed to start-up companies registered in Germany. It is also a part of the German strategy of creating a start-up centre in this country, addressed to small and medium sized companies. Our law firm in Germany can assist foreign businessmen with more details related to the programmes available for foreign companies. 


Investors’ benefits in Germany under the INVEST 2.0  

Newly formed companies in Germany can benefit from many incentives under the INVEST 2.0 programme. One of the main benefits refers to the value of capital that can be received through the fund, which increased to EUR 100,000. It is important to know that the local authorities have doubled the funding available for start-up companies in Germany
Also, the companies can benefit from a lower taxation regime applicable to capital gains
At the moment, more than 2,700 companies benefited from the funding available through the INVEST 2.0
Companies involved in research and development (R&D) in Germany have also received incentives from the German authorities, in the sense that the overall value of the field was estimated at EUR 64,2 billion  in 2015, which represented an increase of 9,5% compared to 2014. 
Those who want to open a company in Germany in the field of automotive must know that the sector represents the leading industry in this country (and also at a European level). Related to this subject, we mention that the German vehicle producers reshaped their production to accommodate the current needs of the market, which is interested in intelligent vehicles; our team of lawyers in Germany can offer more details on the regulations imposed for car companies operating in Germany

Berlin, main start-up hub in Europe  

Businessmen who want to open a start-up company in Germany can choose to incorporate their business in Berlin, a city which is seen as the main start-up hub in Europe. The Berlin start-up market is highly influenced by the start-ups incorporated in the digital sector. 
Some of the most important effects of a start-up company in Germany refer to the following: 
increasing competition. 
Businessmen interested in finding out more details on the start-up companies in Germany are invited to contact our German law firm


  • Alice 2016-12-15

    I think the business environment will increase in the following years, thanks to such measures.

  • Andreea 2016-12-16

    Great news for start-up companies in Germany!

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