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Reasons to Start a Business in Berlin

Written by: Editor

Reasons to Start a Business in Berlin

Considered as the fastest growing start-up ecosystem in the world, Berlin is a great choice to start an business. There are many reasons for which investors worldwide decide to open an enterprise in the capital of Germany. Our German lawyers can help you with the company formation procedures and familiarize you with the legal climate of the city. 

A number of reasons to set up a business in Berlin

Berlin is in constant development with many new companies which are established here, thanks to the economical power of the city and to the numerous governmental programs released in order to support them. If you want to open a business in Germany’s capital you should know that there are many governmental policies and measures which encourage foreign investment. The job market is one of the authorities’ priorities therefore start-ups are helped by national decisions to open offices in Berlin

An investor in Berlin will easily find young and talented workforce who can respond to the requirements of a new enterprise. 

Another reason for which Berlin is a great spot for opening a company is the global impact that your enterprise is going to have from there. Moreover, the city offers a start-up community in which investors can meet through dedicated events, thus profiting from the networking opportunities which exist in Berlin.  

Through our law firm in Germany you can find out more details on the Governmental programs and foreign investment legislation which regulates your activity in this country.

How to establish a business in Berlin

The procedure to start a business in Berlin is easy and clear in order to accommodate the high demand of company formation in this city. After choosing a name for your company you need to address the local German Trade Register in order to register your enterprise.

One of our attorneys in Germany can help you decide on the legal structure in which to organize your business. A popular option is the German limited liability company (GmbH) which requires a start-up capital of 25.000 euro. 

Our team can handle the entire process of company registration in Berlin, from the elaboration of the documentation to its filing with the local Trade Register. We can maintain as well the connection with this institution up to the successful finalization of the procedure. 

Don’t hesitate to contact our law firm in Germany for legal support with the registration of a company in Berlin