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Germany Explores New Investment Opportunities by Economic Involvement in Africa

Written by: Editor

Germany explores new investment opportunities by economic involvement in Africa.jpg

Germany wants to give more attention to a massive project of investment in Africa referred to as “Marshal Plan for Africa”. The measures intended by the German government aim not only at increasing economic ties with the continent but also at truly involving in some aspects of its reconstruction. Since the adoption of the project, the South African exports to Germany raised to 4 billion $, showing a significant increase compared to the previous years. It is recomendable to consult as well with one of our attorneys in Germany prior to an investment decision.

Overview of the economic relationship between Africa and Germany

A business owner in Germany will find many sectors in which to extend its business activity on the African Continent. Although the number of German companies which operate in Africa is of almost 1000, there is still a lot of place for economic involvement. It is important to mention that the German entities are also already a powerful source of employment for the local population, offering up to 90.000 jobs in Africa.
Germany is among the most important trading partners for South Africa, with tourism as one of the main economic sectors in which the European country has a contribution.
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Trade opportunities in Africa

One of the most effective measures in order to improve conditions of the population is to help a country to become an economic equal and partner. As an effect it is expected that as such, also the immigration to Germany is going to ameliorate. Therefore Germany has decided to contribute to the economic development of the continent through orienting more of its founds for investment towards it. 
Kenya is an important spot for German investment and also a meeting point for 400 international representatives which are going to discuss the trade opportunities in this country at the German-African Business Summit. The mineral resources and railway industry might be two examples of domains open to the German investment.  
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