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German Government Establishes State Company to Support Start-Ups

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German Government Establishes State Company to Support Start

The new state-owned company that Germany has in plan for 2018 has a main purpose to finance start-ups and help great ideas to become successful businesses. This measure not only boosts the investments environment in Germany but has in plan as well to respond to several demands and needs of the local population. Our law firm in Germany is ready to respond to their clients’ intention to open a company in this country by providing professional legal counselling concerning the business environment in Germany.

Information about the German state company supporting start-ups

According to the government decision, the financing company must allocate 12.5 million euros for supporting start-ups from 2018. The investments have been a common decision of two ministries, the Finance Ministry, and the Economy Ministry, whose representatives have passed the formation of the financing company.

By 2020 the company is expected to provide 200 million euros annually for the support of new companies in Germany. The company has been conceived as a subsidiary of development bank of the German state – the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW).

Our attorneys in Germany can give you more details on the investment legislation in Germany and help you organize your start-up in one of the legal forms provided by the German state.

Start-up procedure in Germany and company registration

In order to benefit from the advantageous national policies of the German state, investors must register a new company through the Trade Register. Our German lawyers can explain to you the specific requirements for an application and to help you decide which legal form is suitable to your business objectives.

According to the commercial law in Germany a limited liability company (GmbH) requires a minimum investment capital of 25.000 euros. This is one of the most frequent types of companies which function on the German market, because of the minimal conditions and paperwork required for its registration.
Don’t hesitate to contact our German lawyers in order to explore the opportunities provided by the government of Germany to foreign investors.