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German Consumption Increased in Q3 and Q4

Written by: Bridgewest

German-Consumption-Increased-in-Q3-and-Q4.pngThe household consumption in Germany increased in the third quarter (Q3) and the fourth quarter (Q4) by 0,4%,which had a positive effect on the local economy. It is important to know that the over the last 15 years, the household consumption represented approximately 56% of the economic results registered in Germany. Businessmen who are interested in opening a company in Germany can address their products and services to a market that is available for purchasing activities. Our law firm in Germany can provide legal assistance for the legal requirements related to corporate activities here. 

Growth for the German household consumption 

The household consumption in Germany increased even though other related aspects maintained a slow pace. At the same time, we mention that the business confidence in Germany remains at a stable level, which represents a positive aspect for the entrepreneurs who want to invest in this country. 
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At the level of 2016, the German consumption expenditure increased. If at the beginning of 2016, the expenditure was situated at EUR 387,67 billion, the latest data – available for July 2016, shows a rapid increase, situated at EUR 392,37 billion. 

Household income in Germany  

The household consumption is strongly influenced by the income registered by each individual living in Germany. In 2015, the household income increased from a quarter to another (in Q3 of 2015, the household income increased by 0,1%). 
At the same time, we mention that the savings of the natural persons in Germany maintain a stable pace, being situated at one of the highest levels in the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) ranking.  In 2015, the level of savings was estimated at a rate of 16,9%. 
An important aspect related to the German economy is that the unemployment rate was situated in 2015 at the lowest level registered since 1991. 
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    This is a good aspect for the businesses operating in Germany.

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