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Fund Industry in Germany: Market Value of EUR 70.2 Billion

Written by: Bridgewest

Fund-Industry-in-Germany-Market-Value-of-EUR-70.2-Billion.jpgThe fund industry in Germany registered an overall market value of EUR 70.2 billion at the level of 2016. In the first half of 2016, the fund industry in Germany registered an inflow of capital with a value of 49.6 billion, with a focus on the Spezialfonds and on property funds. Foreign investors who want to open an investment fund in Germany should know that the open-ended funds registered for property related transactions were focused on the fields or trade and accommodation units. Our team of lawyers in Germany can offer legal assistance for the registration of an investment fund in this country. 

Investment in Germany in the first half of 2016 

Foreign investors who are interested in the investment opportunities available in Germany should know that the overall value registered in the first half of 2016 represented the second highest value measured since 2000. 
Investors can set up various types of investment funds in Germany, including retail funds as well. In the first six months of 2016, the retail funds market registered a value of EUR 3.8 billion. 
The asset value in the fund industry - measured for the period January – June 2016 was set up at EUR 2.7 billion. 
The balanced funds in Germany registered a total value of EUR 4.6 billion and it is important to know that this type of vehicle received substantial influx of capital of over EUR 100 billion, starting with 2009. 
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Spezialfonds in Germany in September 2016

In September 2016, the fund industry raised capital with a value of EUR 7 billion. Pension funds and pension schemes increased the level of investments. From the beginning of the year and up until the end of September, the Spezialfond industry in Germany (represented by the above mentioned pension vehicles) raised a net value of EUR 65.6 billion. Retirement benefit schemes in Germany had an overall value of EUR 24.7 billion. 
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