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Business Trends For The German Companies In 2018

Written by: Editor


Thanks to extensive digitalization employed by German companies, as well as their investment in the training of their personnel, the results for 2018 are expected to be very positive. Businesses invest in research and in the specialization of their staff regardless of the domain in which the company is functioning. The German enterprises manage to remain at the top of the global market. If you are interested to invest in this country, our law firm in Germany can help you with information concerning the local legal provisions which are applied for the incorporation of companies.

Overview on the business trends in Germany in 2018

Some of the business trends in 2018 are the natural continuation of the economic movement from last year. 95% of the German companies are planning to expand this year, with a positive outlook for their development.
An important element in the most recent trends in this country is decentralization. Depending on their home countries, foreign investors have developed regional preferences which help increase the diversification of the market and the distribution of the customers. Our attorneys in Germany are ready to give you the latest information of the taxation measures in this country and on the Company Law in Germany.

Most popular field for investment in 2018

Based on the surveys conducted at the end of the past year, some of the business trends in Germany for 2018 have come to light. The biotechnology domain is one of the areas which receives significant governmental support. If you intend to invest in this industry you can discuss with our German lawyers in order to inform yourself on the licensing requirements for this sector.
Another area which has received already important investments from local and international entrepreneurs is the food sector. New eateries and restaurants continue to diversify the offer on the German market. Other popular sectors for this year are as well:
Transportation Business;
Car Manufacturing and Retailing;
Online Marketing and Advertising;
Freelance Writing;
Laundry and Dry Cleaning.
Feel free to contact our law firm in Germany for a hassle free business formation in this country.