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2017 Begins with Promising Economic Index for Germany

Written by: Editor

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The business climate index published by the CESifo Group, a research group in economic research, has already rose from 111.1 last month to 112.3 in March. This shows that this year is a promising one for investors in this country. Our law firm in Germany can answer the needs of those who are interested in opening a firm in this country and it provides as well a wide range of legal services.

The demand for German goods on foreign markets 

The German economy relies on production in several key sectors such as technology, machine industry, but also manufacturing and retailing. Over last year the demand for German products has increased significantly, thus explaining the growth of the economic index. This year seems to be an opportune time for investing in one of these economic sectors in Germany
Other indexes and economic measurements confirm the information provided by the CESifo Group. The Markit's Purchasing Managers' Index informs that the private sector in Germany goes through one of the brightest periods from the last 6 years. Demands come not only from Europe but also from China, United States and the Arab countries. 
Apart from the independent surveys, another source of information regarding economic growth is the overview on their own activity provided by the board of several companies. According to their assessment, several firms conducting business have admitted that 2017 continues the growth registered in the past years. As such, the economic sectors of construction, retailing and manufacturing registered a peak compared to the digits from 2011 onwards. 
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More elements to be considered regarding economic growth in Germany

Despite the big changes in global political climate, Germany economy remains a constant success. After the release of the indexes at the beginning of the year, more economic research groups recalculated their initial growth prospects and have replaced the initial value of 1.3 % with a more accurate one of 1.8 percent, in forecasting the growth of the German economy.
Both imports and exports are rising in the industrial sector thus encouraging the investment in this business area.  
Compared to the growth rate of the past years, the gross domestic product of 2016 is with 1.9% higher which shows that the bright prospect for 2017 is also doubled by a fundamental economic strength of this country.  
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