German Car Sales, Increase of 8% in June 2016

Written by: Bridgewest

German-Car-Sales-Increase-of-8-in-June-2016.jpgThe German economy presents very good signs in the automotive field, registering an important increase during June 2016. A report presented by the German Association of the Automotive Industry states that the German car sales have increased by 8%, compared to the same month of the previous year. Our team of German attorneys can provide assistance on the business opportunities available in the automotive industry and can also offer legal advice for establishing a company with operations in this field. 

German car sales in 2016 

Businessmen who want to establish a business presence on the German market are advised to invest in the automotive field, as the local consumer market showed an increasing interest in this domain. 
The increase of 8% registered in June 2016 accounted for 339,600 new car registrations. At the level of the first six months of the year, the report showed a 7% increase, which accounts for 1,7 million cars
Investors interested in the automotive industry should know that the consumers are interested in purchasing diesel cars, which have a high demand on the German market
The projections for 2016 are showing that the level of the car sales will account for 3,2 million units. This projection will set the yearly car sales at 3% increase compared to the situation of 2015; our team of German lawyers can offer more details on the companies in the automotive industry

Automotive industry in Germany 

Those who are interested in setting up business operations in the field of automotive industry must know that this domain represents the most important industry sector in Germany. At the same time, Germany is the largest market in the EU. 
At the level of 2015, the automotive industry had a turnover of EUR 404 billion, which represented approximately 20% of the total turnover registered by the German industries
Germany has 41 assembly and engine production plants and the industry employs 792,500 persons. 
Those who want to receive further information on the German automotive industry can address to our law firm in Germany for assistance.