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10 Most Important Business Regulations in Germany

10 Most Important Business Regulations in Germany

Updated on Wednesday 07th October 2015

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10-Most-Important-Business-Regulations-in-GermanyGermany attracts many foreign investors on an annual basis. The first thing to take into account when moving to Germany for business purposes are the business regulations and etiquette which is very important. Here are ten of the most important business etiquette in Germany

1. Respect

When doing business in Germany it is very important to treat them with respect and correctitude as any unethical behavior could damage business relations with your German counterpart.

2. Business communication

In order to have a successful cooperation with a German company you must get familiar with the notions imposed by the business etiquette. Business communication should be direct and focused on the subject.

3. Business relations

The German people puts a great price on order, punctuality and privacy. They are also perfectionists which is why they are focused on achieving their goals. You must make sure you respect hierarchy and make a clear distinction between private and business matters.

4. Contact

German businessmen are reluctant to physical contact. The usual greeting accepted in German companies’ business meetings are usually restricted to handshakes.

5. Addressing a German partner

Both German citizens and businessmen are very strict about personal titles. You have to try and address people by their full name and title.

6. Corporate social responsibility

German companies are very concerned about environmental issues. That is why it is in the Germans’ business culture to use every opportunity and organize social responsibility actions. Showing them you know some their social achievements is a great sing of respect in the German business culture.

7. Time management

Punctuality defines the German people. In German companies every action is carefully calculated and each calendar or agenda is duly respected, therefore it is very important to be punctual in both business and ordinary meetings.

8. Business dress code

German managers take pride in dressing well which is why the business dress code imposes a certain etiquette. Suits are the most appropriate for men, while conservative dresses are recommended for women.

9. Business meeting planning

It is very important to plan a meeting ahead when doing business in Germany. Appointments are mandatory when going into business with a German company and should be made a few weeks in advance.

10. Follow up after a meeting

Unlike in other countries, German companies are keen on follow-up discussions after a meeting. Emails or letter sent after a meeting will reinforce the importance of the appointment.


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